Welcome to Angels, Guides, Guardians!

Angels, Guides and Guardians are always with us whether we acknowledge them or not. The more we acknowledge them and appreciate them the more they make themselves known to us and the more they interact with us. As it is in any relationship, the more you nurture it the deeper it becomes. This website is dedicated to helping us understand and develop our relationships with these wonderful spirit beings.


There are different realms of angels. Each realm has their own area of expertise. Each angel within that realm has its own special set of skills. The ArchAngels would be an example of a realm of angels.

Within that realm Michael is know for protection and Raphael for healing.

Each of us has at least one angel that is always with us and we also have the ability to call upon any angel for assistance.



guide-homeGuides can be any spirit being that teaches or assists us. Some are assigned to us at birth and others come as we need them. Some can stay with us our whole lives and others will come and go, based on each assignment or need.

Guides help us find our way in this world. They help us with our life lessons. They whisper helpful advice and encouragement.

Some departed family members choose to stay on as guides for those family members that are still here.

Angels also serve as guides.



Guardians are spirit beings that do their best to protect us. They are the ones that try to keep us out of harms way and give us those subtle warning signs of danger.

We always have one guardian. Others come as needed or if asked.

Both Angels and Guides can serve as guardians.


Power of ‘Free Will’

It is within our power to ask for and accept help from spirit beings! Because we are in a world of ‘free will’ those that are not of this realm can not intervene on our behalf unless we ask.

They can only send us thoughts, messages and feelings and they must abide by our ‘free will’ even if we choose to ignore or disregard their attempts to help us.